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 Create your own "take-home" masterpiece while you learn
from one of the industry's best professionals!

Get great information and tips for making the perfect floral arrangement or instant gratification container garden - and then, take it home! 



Team up with a Mariano's Florist to make a fresh cut floral arrangement with an armature made from curly willow!

FOUR special Stem Studio classes held in the "How To Garden" at 5:30PM on March 14th,19th, 20th, and 21st.

There is a $20 participation fee and you get to take home your creation!

Register at the check-in desk to our How-to Garden.








Potting Party Classes Held Daily in the "How To Garden"   

11:00AM, 1:00PM, 3:00PM

There is a $20 participation fee and you get to take home your creation!
Class sizes are limited, so be sure to sign up at the "How To Garden" upon your arrival.

In 2015, all of our Potting Parties are being lead by Tu Bloom, one of Chicago's most talented designers!

TU creates spectacular compositions in his astounding display of both container and landscape garden designs. The exclusivity of his style combined with his keen eye for design makes his live botanical creations a magnet for onlookers

As a young and exceedingly talented designer, Tu credits his family by their willingness to support his passion and gift for understanding horticulture during his early childhood. At eight years old, Tu had grasped important concepts behind soil amending and cultivation. In doing so, he began his ventures as a gardener in an abandoned lot behind the building where his family resided where he successfully grew his first harvest of carrots, beets, cilantro, and mint. From the age of 10 on thru until he was 13 Tu’s mother gives detailed accounts of his experimentation of growing several varieties of flowers, miniature fruits, and vegetables under full spectrum lighting indoors. Incredibly by age 14, Tu wowed his peers along with many elders by his uncanny ability to propagate (i.e. reproduce) plants from methods that included rooting and micro-propagation (plant tissue cloning). At the onset of his professional career, Tu had always turned to gardening and plantscape designs to ground himself even before the birth of Tu Bloom Designs Inc.

From Tu -- My passion for gardening is undoubtedly the fuel that drives my award winning designs. While some people go thru life struggling to find their "niche" or what they'd want for a career... I am so thankful for the opportunities that have led me to do what I love.

The greatest part of my job is to be able to see how my designs have positively influence the lives of those whom have entrusted me with their home & gardens. A flower in full bloom will always greet us in an unbias and most sincere manner. Their unique aromas, array of colors, and beautiful textures are all aspects of an element that is not easily described... but indefinitely will be apart of what is sometimes the most uplifting force in nature that have influenced mankind from all walks of life.

For more information about Tu and his designs, please visit his website.

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